Full Name: Jacob “Jay” Lee Winchester

Location: District Four

Date of Birth: December 3rd

Age: 17

Physical Description: 5’6” | Slender, yet muscular | Blue eyes | Dark brown hair

Personality: Kind | Curious | Somewhat innocent | Caring | Protective | Laid back | Naive 

Likes: Swimming | Surfing | Fishing | Hanging out with friends | Candy | Sandwiches

Dislikes: Liars | Cheaters

Fears: Clowns | Spiders


Jacob Winchester is the youngest out of two children. Jay was born in District Four, two years after his sister, Katheryne (Kittie) was born in District One. Jay and Kittie grew up in Four. Sometimes, Kittie would even get Jay to play dolls with her. 

When Jay turned eleven, he too was put into a Career Academy like his sister. He was actually pretty small for his age, but he excelled in the training because he had great reflexes. He was a pretty attractive guy for his age, so Jay quickly made friends with the girls his age. The older girls were attracted to him also as he grew older, his fighting skills impressed many people over the years. But, he never really dated as much as his other friends. Jay didn’t think he needed a girlfriend, but he could’ve gotten one in the blink of an eye if he ever did. Through his time at the academy, he never lost a fight. He won by using his defensive skills and quickness to tire out his opponent before striking once they were too weary to fight back. Jay continued attending the academy, learning new defensive moves and more.

By the time Jay had turned thirteen, Kittie was put into a mental hospital. It was weird at first, not having his sister at home, but he soon got used to it. Kittie had been sentenced to three years, so he wasn’t worried about anything changing for awhile.

Jay had lots of friends from the Career Academy by the time Kittie had returned home. They all knew about her, but no one usually mentioned her around Jay. He didn’t really care, though.

Jay is now seventeen, and he is still attending the academy, hoping to make it these two last years without being chosen.